My Weird Neighbor

Vargo on Earth

New scifi romance vella! My Weird Neighbor: 

There's something strange about him, and I don't just mean his statistically improbable attractiveness; when he asks me on a date, it's my chance to finally figure out what's going on with him.

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Mated Fates Castaways #1
Book #1 from the series: Mated Fates Castaways

Now a Kindle Vella serial (first 10 episodes are free)! Click 'Follow' to be notified of new episodes.

20 abducted human women crash land on a strange planet already inhabited by a small group of 30 men--tiger striped, naked men as gorgeous as the gods. Incredibly, they're also human. Just... not from Earth. 

(Book #1: Varj is an M/F pairing...

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Outside In

Innies & Outies #1
Book #1 from the series: Innies & Outies

Coming in July!


I've been talking to Kage through my wall for 15 years--since I was six and he was seven. No, he's not in the next apartment, he's on another planet. When portals open up all over Earth, will I finally get to meet my best friend and the love of my life for the first time?


I'd follow Julia across all the worlds in the...

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Leaving Iridium Station

Mated Fates Irregulars #1
Book #1 from the series: Mated Fates Irregulars



I guess I’ve had it lucky, being kept as a beloved pet on a Krotz ship for the last five years. By my existential luck runs out the same night that Captain Fffferlachsh’s luck dries up at the trilzek table, and suddenly I’m up for auction to cover his bets, in the middle of a firefight between Pellar and Plantal crews, and rescued...

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Cultivated by the Orc

Still Life with Orc #1
Book #1 from the series: Still Life With Orc


I’d say that I wasn’t ready for a big, battered Orc to show up on my farm and tell me he was going to make me his, but the truth is, that was exactly the kind of thing I had been waiting for all my life.


It only takes one sign from Jason that he’s interested and attracted, and my instincts take over. Is this big, beautiful, human...

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Sweetened by the Orc

Still Life with Orc #2
Book #2 from the series: Still Life With Orc

Coming 5/1/2024


I’ve been feeding and clothing a homeless Orc in my doughnut shop, not to mention lusting after his body, for months. It’s all I’ve been able to do since he hasn’t let me see anything else about him. Forced by circumstances to take him in, I discover he’s… submissive. Did Christmas just come early for me?


I… um....

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No Strings Attached

Mated Fates #1
Book #1 from the series: Mated Fates


What’s worse than being accidentally stuck in a conscious state during a month-long trip in a stasis pod aboard your abductors’ spaceship? Ending up in a cage room with nine other captives—bizarre and dangerous aliens who are not looking at you in ways that suggest your best interests. And why are you feeling a strange connection with...

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At Your Service

Mated Fates #2
Book #2 from the series: Mated Fates

Just released!


Seven strange aliens and a human woman rescued me and everyone else in the brothel from slavery. Now nine of us are bound from Blue Rift Station with them to their asteroid. I’ve already told the gorgeous, white-haired guy that started life as an AI that I’ll never be with a male (or female, or… anything) again. But he...

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Meet The Resistance: TornRox

Mated Fates #2.1
Book #3 from the series: Mated Fates


I walked to work on Earth; I woke up today chained to a huge alien with tusks and purple eyes, on a nearly empty planet with a sky the same color. Even more improbably? He says I’m his, and we’re both tasked with eventually building a freaking guerilla force to liberate the planet. Uh, yeah, okay, I’ll get right on that.



I never...

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Have Sexbots, Will Travel

a Mated Fates universe serial
From the series: Mated Fates universe extras

First 10 episodes always free on Vella! Stay immersed in the Mated Fates universe between book releases with weekly episodes.


I don't know why you'd want to read a story about a butch broad like me, stranded in space with a squad of walking dildos. No one here's falling in love or getting superpowers, or any dumb crap like that. Oh, what? Is...

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Madame Felari Knows What You Want

By Invitation Only

Madame Felari cordially invites you to a formal dinner party this Friday at the Felari mansion. Mingling and drinks to begin at 7:00pm.

Would you like to explore your deepest, most secret sexual fantasies? Do you know what they are? Madame Felari does, and she is prepared to show them to you.

Unsure? Then come join us for a...

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Lily & The Beast

Mated Fates universe novella
From the series: Mated Fates universe extras


Yep, I'm up for sale for the umpteenth time, only this round is noteworthy for how ugly and disfigured my buyer appears to be. Let's just hope he's buying me for scullery work instead of sex... 


This one seems calm, a quality that's been severely lacking in the last 14 females I've purchased. I wonder if she'll like my...

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Ultra Cock 9000

Mated Fates universe novella
From the series: Mated Fates universe extras


As a server at Elio's, I have the best slave gig on Blue Rift Station; the only thing missing when I get off each night is the ability to, ahem, consistently get off. But I'm saving up for the Ultra Cock 9000 to permanently solve that problem. 


Fell-ee-sia thinks she will buy a toy before coming to me for her needs?...

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Capturing the Rogue Ship

Mated Fates Irregulars #2
Book #2 from the series: Mated Fates Irregulars

Parnol & Dana's story --- publication date TBD.

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Treed by the Orc

Still Life with Orc #3
Book #3 from the series: Still Life With Orc

Publication date TBD!

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