Mated Fates

No Strings Attached

Mated Fates #1
Book #1 from the series: Mated Fates


What’s worse than being accidentally stuck in a conscious state during a month-long trip in a stasis pod aboard your abductors’ spaceship? Ending up in a cage room with nine other captives—bizarre and dangerous aliens who are not looking at you in ways that suggest your best interests. And why are you feeling a strange connection with...

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At Your Service

Mated Fates #2
Book #2 from the series: Mated Fates

Just released!


Seven strange aliens and a human woman rescued me and everyone else in the brothel from slavery. Now nine of us are bound from Blue Rift Station with them to their asteroid. I’ve already told the gorgeous, white-haired guy that started life as an AI that I’ll never be with a male (or female, or… anything) again. But he...

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Meet The Resistance: TornRox

Mated Fates #2.1
Book #3 from the series: Mated Fates


I walked to work on Earth; I woke up today chained to a huge alien with tusks and purple eyes, on a nearly empty planet with a sky the same color. Even more improbably? He says I’m his, and we’re both tasked with eventually building a freaking guerilla force to liberate the planet. Uh, yeah, okay, I’ll get right on that.



I never...

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