Book #1 from the series: Mated Fates

No Strings Attached

Mated Fates #1

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What’s worse than being accidentally stuck in a conscious state during a month-long trip in a stasis pod aboard your abductors’ spaceship? Ending up in a cage room with nine other captives—bizarre and dangerous aliens who are not looking at you in ways that suggest your best interests. And why are you feeling a strange connection with that furry, amber-eyed, and charmingly naïve guard outside your cage?


Standing in the cage room, I don’t know which creature terrifies me more, although I’m leaning heavily in the direction of the human female after hearing about how she went berserk during the offloading process and chopped one of her abductors to bits. Then she includes me in the escape plans of the caged alien group and gently runs her hand over my fur where I am injured, and I am lost forever to her.


And then there’s the taking over of the asteroid (oh, didn’t we mention they’re on an asteroid?), the plan to drive slavery from the galaxy, that whole “Queen of Oz” bit, and parading around naked on galactic TV with a royal party of giant snakes. Oh, yeah, and the unpleasantness at the brothel.


Nothing in life is guaranteed, but how bitter and jaded would one have to be to not love HEAs? That said, my books are full of triggers of every variety—too many to list in a content warning; if this is troubling to you, please skip my books altogether. Also, sexually explicit content for readers 18+ only and meant to be read as a series. 

Praise for this book

Loved this book! Vi is outrageous, courageous and sometimes flat out crazy! So refreshing to read an abduction trope story with an intelligent woman as the mfc.
This book was shear fun to sink into. I hope this author continues her winning ways in the next book in the series! World building was excellent.; I was easily able to lose myself in the settings. The characters were interesting and likable, the action was on point, and the dialogue was natural. I can usually parse out what the outcome of a story will be pretty quickly, but this one kept me on my toes. The author didn’t telegraph her story plot line. From what I read, the editing was excellent. It was an altogether fun, enjoyable read. I’ll be (im)patiently waiting for the next book in this series.
Picked this book almost at random and found myself wanting more when I ran out of book to read. What I expected was the typical cookie-cutter retreads of this genre and what I got was a rich, deep, and engaging story. The author did an amazing job of building a world I want more of and characters that it is very easy to care about. I want more, and I hope the author doesn't take long in giving it to us.
Not A Typical Sci-fi Alien Romance....thankfully! This book kept me entertained from beginning to end. It really struck me as being different from a lot of books in this genre, not that I don't read and enjoy a lot of those. It had action (some of it violent and bloody against bad guys), suspense, twists and turns, humor, romance and sexy times! The human heroine, Violet, was not happy about being abducted from earth by the Greys. She decided to "kick ass" and possibly die rather than be a slave, fighting Greys, slavers and bullies. At the same time, she reached out to anyone she encountered who was also a prisoner or in a "slave like" position with kindness. That attitude led to forming a group of newly freed beings from different species who are friends and allies, determined to survive and work against slavery in the galaxy. The author's words painted vivid pictures of in my mind of the appearance of each species Violet met and of scenes occurring in the book. It was well written and edited with no typos or other obvious errors. I am looking forward to the next visit to the "Kingdom of Oz" and the beings who live in it!
Excellent sci fi adventure with romance Yes, there's bad stuff, including some graphic violence, abduction, and slavery. There's also graphic sex (duh). More importantly, there's an awesome story with a female main character who probably went a little insane locked awake in a box for 3 weeks and is looking for some payback from a galaxy of beings who allow slavery. The supporting cast of non-humans is equally awesome and inventively varied. And the romance isn't insta-love, which is refreshing. I thoroughly enjoyed NSA, and I'm looking forward to more books from Maizy Fell.
Great story. Strong FMC and fun story with a nice balance of humor and violence plus sexy times. Excited for the next in the series.