Book #2 from the series: Mated Fates

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Mated Fates #2

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Seven strange aliens and a human woman rescued me and everyone else in the brothel from slavery. Now nine of us are bound from Blue Rift Station with them to their asteroid. I’ve already told the gorgeous, white-haired guy that started life as an AI that I’ll never be with a male (or female, or… anything) again. But he persists in caring for me anyway, and something starts to change.


Ella is affecting me in alarming ways, disrupting my brain chemistry, body signals, and programming foundation. What’s more alarming? How much I like it. Like her. Want her. Need her. I’ve never had this response to another being, and I’ll take anything she’s comfortable sharing with me. Is it too much to hope that it might be everything?


Wouldn’t it be nice if we could enjoy Ella and Caussus’s sweet story without that pesky asteroid attack by the Pellar pirates looming? Especially with Vi and the others away at an orgy and powerless to help.


Yeah, no big surprise, this one has an HEA, too. That said, my books are full of triggers of every variety—too many to list in a content warning; if this is troubling to you, please skip my books altogether. Also, sexually explicit content for readers 18+ only and meant to be read as a series.