Book #1 from the series: Mated Fates Irregulars

Leaving Iridium Station

Mated Fates Irregulars #1

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I guess I’ve had it lucky, being kept as a beloved pet on a Krotz ship for the last five years. By my existential luck runs out the same night that Captain Fffferlachsh’s luck dries up at the trilzek table, and suddenly I’m up for auction to cover his bets, in the middle of a firefight between Pellar and Plantal crews, and rescued by a big, grey orc-looking alien in the same night. And that’s just the start of my troubles… because that orc dude? He says we belong together. And you know what? I’d consider it if everyone would give us a breather from trying to split us apart.



When I hear there’s a human female on the station, just auctioned off to the Plantal, I have to rescue her from those nasty bastards, because one of my best friends is a human female—also stolen from her home world. But when I approach the standoff with the Pellar, there are… signs… that she is my potential mate. I need to rescue her, then woo her, but the wooing keeps getting interrupted with the need for more rescuing. 



We just can’t get enough of those sweet, sincere, tough Sillarese guys paired up with a badass human woman, can we?



This is the first book in a series that spins off after Mated Fates 2.1 (where Millan is briefly introduced), but the series can also be read on its own. And the HEA goes without saying at this point, doesn’t it? Sexually explicit for readers 18+.