Madame Felari Knows What You Want

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By Invitation Only

Madame Felari cordially invites you to a formal dinner party this Friday at the Felari mansion. Mingling and drinks to begin at 7:00pm.

Would you like to explore your deepest, most secret sexual fantasies? Do you know what they are? Madame Felari does, and she is prepared to show them to you.

Unsure? Then come join us for a delightful dinner with charming company—there’s no obligation to participate in the fantasy experience.

However, you’re receiving this invitation by referral of someone close to you; perhaps you’ve heard a favorable report of our services and are eager for your own turn.

Madame Felari knows what you want… are you prepared to experience it?

Taboo Trysts ~ Forbidden Fetishes ~ Deviant Desires ~ Secret Scenarios

Formal attire, as well as the Venetian mask in the enclosed package, required. Your anonymity is our priority, so recording devices are strictly forbidden.

No heterosexual males allowed.