July 8, 2024
New Vella & submission for the Vellys awards

My Weird Neighbor: https://www.amazon.com/kindle-vella/tags/maizy%20fell?page=1

This is my submission for Amazon's Velly awards running from June-August. All you have to do to vote for it is click the Follow button, but I'd sure love your thumbs up, comments, crowns, and reviews, too!

Have you been reading Varj (Mated Fates Castaways #1) on Vella? If so, then it'll make sense when I tell you that My Weird Neighbor is about a member of the Vargo stationed on Earth.

If there's enough reader demand through the Vella platform, I'll turn this into a Vargo on Earth series to run in parallel with Mated Fates Castaways. Let me hear from you in the story!