March 5, 2024
Pulling Outside In off Kindle Vella

Important: I had 2 reviewers of this serial; if you were one of them, please send me a note below and tell me the name your review was posted under. As an apology, I'll make sure you get a free copy of the completed ebook when it's published. (I know they were the only ones to read beyond the free episodes, based on the episode read counts. But if I'm wrong, send me a note!)

So, why did I pull an incomplete story from Vella? Amazon has decided to change up their whole Vella model in a way that will make it even harder to earn the pennies that Vella stories were worth to writers. 

Also, this book, Outside In: Innies & Outies #1, was something I was trying out on Vella, to see if I liked the serial format. It turns out, I didn't like it for something I had conceived of as a novel. The episodic requirements were seriously cramping my imagination and, I felt, making me produce a story that didn't have as much depth as I would like. 

On the other hand, I have 2 other serials that I'm leaving on Vella. They were conceived of as serials to begin with, so I'm not feeling that same creative frustration. As for how Amazon is still screwing writers out of their meager payments? We'll see how it goes with those serials in 2024. Gotta have data to inform a good decision, right?

For Outside In: Innies & Outies #1, I'm going to finish the story, then revise the shit out of it to deal with the issues I felt came from the episodic format. I'm expecting it to be out in ebook form (and on KU) no later than the end of June.